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Friday, January 21, 2022

Nicess The Wanderer Giveaway and Other Updates

 I've done a few things sine my last post...

Mainly, I wrote out that book I was thinking of and decided not to beat myself over the head with two years of submissions. Yes, I know that's the correct way to a full career as a writer, but I've come to the conclusion that isn't for me. I'm an amateur writer with a very niche audience. That doesn't sell well when trying to advertise to the masses. Plus, I tend to hand splling errrrerrss. And that does detract from the story when reading. Granted, Grammarly has helped in that greatly. 

So, with that said, I've done a few things to help the process of actually getting the stories that you, the very few and devoted will enjoy and appreciate, to you in an easier format. And for that reason, I've been working with two amazing producers on Audible. They will be bringing my new book, Nicess The Wanderer to Audible later this year. 

I'm also working with a talented producer to start to bring back The Redgold Series. Beginning with Special Science Report 1192 and then going from there. But since I've already written the same main story three times with Demon Vampire, and frankly, I'm not up for another rewrite at this time, I'll be attempting a new take. One of the major things I've seen in the positive reviews for the series is about the character Del and his story of love and loss. This has been such an overarching mention that even the negative reviews speak of him fondly. So, I'm sensing a trend here;) A lot of you like the stoic dedicated and focused young man that is willing to work hard for his goals. Okay, I can run with that. When I have the time, which will be later this year, in between writing the rest of Drawing Power, the second book in the Immutable Magic series with Nicess, I'll be retelling Del's story. Now I am aware that based in my prior timelines, that probably means sometime in the next three years, but I will try to stick to this year if possible. 

Since one of the major issues for Demon Vampire's story was that I had too many stories and jumped back and forth between the timelines, I'll be focusing on one. Del's own book. Obviously, the bulk of the story is already in Demon Vampire, but I'll be fleshing out all that into at least a solid novella around 30,000-45,000 words. It'll be voiced on audible of course. And I'll be releasing it in hardcover for those that cherish the story.

Now, back to Nicess The Wanderer. 

I'll be holding a free book giveaway next weekend on 1.29.22-1.30.22. That's two days to download the book for free. It's normally only $0.99, but for those that are always on the fence about getting a book, this is for you. To everyone else that can afford a buck, have at. But, read the sample chapters first. This book is outlandish, bombastic, painful at times, and has things that may trigger a lot of people. So be forewarned. For he rest of you that actually take the time to read it for the steady power climb of magical insanity and the thirsty nature of the main character, I honestly hope you enjoy it. I had a blast writing it and I think it shows. 

I know it's been a long journey this past decade. But I have found my passion for writing again. And I've reaffirmed my hatred for marketing as a whole. So besides sharing the book a few times here and there, I'm not doing it. I'm relying solely on you. Tell a friend or write a review for my books. That's all I ask. Two sentences to a friend or copy and paste something general about the way I write. It would help me more than you know. 

I also want to thank you all in advance for your support. No, I don't have a Patreon account, and I don't ask for donations. So, don't worry about that. All I ask for is a little time for a review. That's what keeps me going sometimes. Writing is supposed to be fun and I've found that level of enrichment again. 


Virgil Allen Moore 

Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Masochism at its Finest

12 years ago I remember submitting 187 query letters. That was painful. The amount didn't hurt, only getting used to the silence. At the time I didn't really know that the silence is normal in this industry. 

Last night I began to consider something. I've been listening to a lot of audiobooks lately, and a single audio publisher kept coming up. So I began to do a little research. I found that this company publishes almost everything I like. I found that they tend to choose stories that they enjoy. And I found that they're willing to work with authors that have tried to put their work out there already. They seem like a really good company. And that's why this is such a hard decision. 

This is the stack of returned mail from that campaign 12 years ago. I've had it on my bookshelf ever since. Actually it was on top of my bookshelf out of my line of sight, for a good reason. I didn't think about it until I pulled it down, but even looking at the stack of envelopes brings me pain. At the same time I'm still considering inviting that pain back. I want to do it again. I want to try again with the experience that I now have. I've written more. I've read more. I've grown up. And more importantly I understand more. I know to expect a lot of silence. I know to expect rejection. And I know when not to get overly excited when the first glimmer of interest is shown. Temperance is a wonderful teacher in that regard. Of course I can say this now, but back then I felt like a small slug of metal being hammered into a shape that I didn't want to be. And with all that comes back to me, like a weight on my chest, I still want to try again. 

I miss my characters. I miss getting to know them and their adventures. I miss knowing what they think and how they would react to anything I would throw in front of them. I want them back. And I see this as a way to rekindle my connection to them. 

So yes, I will try again. I will be more selective this time around in my queries, but I will try. 

This weekend I will be writing the first query. The first step is to follow the signs on the road laid out by an agent. When every marker and correct maneuver has been made, I see myself getting to the end of that road. From there it'll require more hard work. More rewrites. And I know at least a little more pain. But as I said, I'm willing to try again. 

Bring on the pain. 


Virgil Allen Moore