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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Vampire's Strength Grows to a Limit

     The more human blood a vampire drinks, the more power they gain as they age. However, there is a limit to that power. A physical restraint that is capped at around 2,000 years old. After that, all vampires are equal, unless they have a gift that sets them apart. Such a gift is the gift of Focus centered on the body of the individual. Allowing them to reach the maximum at a far younger age and then exceed it later.
     If you were to have one of these Elder Vampires test themselves for you, you would find a surprise. An axe the size of a truck normally has no problem cutting through anything. But on against an elder, it would only cut his skin. Nothing else would be hurt. The reason why is that a vampire's skin is their only weak point. Which is why their skin burns in the sun. Though an Elder Vampire is immune to sunlight exposure.

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