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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Are Vampires Real? Find Out If They Are Among Us.

     Are vampires real? Do they bite necks, drink blood, and live forever? Yes and no. There is a difference between Hollywood vampires and real vampires.
     Fiction vampires have abilities such as fast healing, telepathy, telekinesis, pyrotechnics, and many others. they are said to be immortal. that they drink only blood. As well as violently bite people until they die. Many authors, including myself, have argued over the details of what it means to be a vampire. However, the real version of vampires is not so debated.
     Real vampires don't need to drink blood. Some do, some don't. Blood can replenish the health of a true vampire. However, the consumption of energy is more widely used as a medium to feed. Blood is a special perk of a stable relationship that two or more people share. It is not an act of carnage. It is an act of trust, willingly given to a companion. Most real vampires do have abilities. Telepathy is common at varying levels. Seeing the near future is an especially useful gift. Telekinesis is a rare talent, but it does exist. The same goes for pyrotechnics. When it comes to living forever, this depends on perspective. Living through a gunshot wound to the chest has been known to happen, but to the head is another story. Longevity is one of a vampires gifts, rest assured, they live youthful lives. However real modern vampires simply put, are not the same as fictional vampires.
     With that said. I have not had the pleasure of meeting an elder vampire. I cannot say that they exist or not. it is not my place to add to the myths or to dismiss them. I only want it to be known that I do not want to anger one, let alone a group. In that regard, I write of fictional vampires. It is my hope that through my writing, one day more knowledge will be bestowed upon me through another. But i can honestly say that when that happens, you will never know. Those meetings are to be remembered only, not recounted for all to read.
     Are vampires real? When someone can make you faint without touching them from thirty feet away. When a person can cause sickness at a distance. When a dark figure tells you to hold still without words from across a crowded room. There is a chance you have see a vampire and they have seen you.
     As far as admitted vampires, there are some. Don Henrie, Seregon O'Dalley, and Joaquin Latina to name a few. There stories can be found on the web.

     -Virgil Allen Moore

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1 comment:

Ginji said...

yes true vampires walk the earth that are immortal but they hide and never would be use the internet. not a true immortal But wish they would use the internet more so I may finally meet one three
I need to know and wish to know what are they truly and see what proof I want to know , myself