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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Do Vampires Really Hiss And Growl When Exposed To Blood?

     Is there really such a thing as a feral vampire? Do vampires really hiss and growl when exposed to blood? Hell no they don't! Not real vampires. The idea of a vampire killing without control is false. A vampire has strength, dexterity, poise, and amazing focus. A vampire would have to themselves go hungry for more than a week in order to fall into a cycle of blood lust. That simply doesn't happen. The need to devour blood takes over the body only once after the change has completed. And then merely a way of showing the vampire that blood tastes good. The concept of letting yourself get to a point where you want to feed on everyone around you is like a fat man starving themselves to death with no food over the course of a week. Far before the week is up, the person would give in by choice and feed.

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