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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Blood Lamp. Yes, It's Exactly What You're Thinking.

     What you are viewing is a chemical reaction used to produce light. The select ingredient? Your blood. This is the worlds first and only blood powered light source. The concept of the lights bleeding you dry is always something we joke about. This is not a jest. It is a way to viscerally understand the true cost of what it takes to provide the simple lumens that reveal the world to us in the dead of night.
     To me as a writer, there is a certain appeal to this lamp. Knowing that I have actually bled for the light to write by is a primal knowledge. It forces you to thinking clearly about what you about to do and how exactly you intend to enact that plan. The minuscule pain of a sliced finger is nothing in comparison to the brilliant luminescence it shreds. I believe everyone should have a chance to use one of these lamps and truly know what it feels to create light.

Virgil Allen Moore

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