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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

#DemonVampire Week Went Very Well

Demon Vampire Awareness Week was amazing!!! The ranking on Amazon reached a staggering 375th out of over 1 Million Books on Amazon Kindle in the USA. Under Occult Horror, it reached 7th!!! That means that from now on, I am a Top Ten Ranking Amazon Author.

The UK results were just as impressive. Demon Vampire soared to a spot of 166th out of over 400,000 books on the UK Kindle list. It also reached 7th in Horror as well. Meaning that I am now a Ranked Top Ten International Amazon Author!

What's more is that the response continues. More and more are getting the book and soon the reviews will come flooding back praising the book. The possibility of a Demon Vampire Movie is on it's way!

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Virgil Allen Moore

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Anonymous said...

Demon Vampire MOVIE! ZOMG! That's amazing. Congrats! I hope it turns out to be a wonderful movie~~! :D Keep us posted. ^_~