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Monday, March 21, 2011

Trepidation Has Come To Pass. I Am At A Crossroad. Publish Or Self Publish?

     The question has come, the answer has not. There are some authors that have recently had great success with self-publishing their books. And then there are many, many more that have not. Few realize the depth of sweat and pain that must be reach in order to lift oneself to success on a platform of self-publishing. It is a hard road, it is a long road, and most often it is a lonely road. I have considered the path in the past. Pondering the concepts of lowering the price of my novel Demon Vampire to record lows. Even being able to offer it for $3.00 on Kindle or any other eBook website. It is an attractive venue that I weighs heavily on my mind.
     However, the plans that have been carefully laid into action over the last year have been down the track of earning a spot in a well established traditional publishing house. It is not for the idea of raising the cost of my books, but the concept of distribution. I seek to have my book translated into Spanish, Russian, Mandarin, German, Japanese, Celtic, and even Braille. The epic paranormal dark fiction novel will be recorded into an audio book in every language that it has been translated into (except Braille of course for obvious reasons). Having the novel available not only in U.S. eBook libraries, but all foreign ones as well is my ultimate goal.
     Currently, the book is at 240,000+ words. A hefty number for most book publishers due to it's sheer size alone. The larger the word count, the more money it costs to produce the book, and the higher the end retail price it. Making it increasingly harder for the general public to get their hands on a copy. This is why the choice it so hard. If I choose self publishing, the book will be easier to buy in price but not availability. And as we all know, the farther you have to go for something, the higher the overall cost to you as a person. Self publishing would also take most of my time for the next three years. Considering Demon Vampire is book one in a set, there will be little time to write. Not to mention that I had planned on releasing Demon Vampire: The Elder Ritual, the story of Salas' journey as a demon vampire. As well as the novella Demon Vampire: Special Science Report 1192, the science behind vampires as noted by a scientific researcher. These stories will not be available if I have to take my time to continue book promotion and to ensure Demon Vampire is in every location it can be when you would like to buy it.
     There lies the initial question again. To publish or to self publish? I need your feedback. On the top right of the website is a survey. Please click to vote on the path you believe the book should take. One click is all it takes to curve the destiny of the novel before you. The survey will be highly considered and will directly affect the release price of the book. Vote, have your friends Vote, and Have Them Follow The Blog. I am currently sending out queries to respected agents around the country that may be interested in the book. If they pick it up, the answer will be chosen. Time is limited, so Voice Your Answer.

Virgil Allen Moore

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SunTiger said...

Either way ... having a publisher or doing it yourself ... you'll have to do all your own marketing. Why work so hard to acquire a publisher only to have them take a larger percentage of the profits, take up to three years to release your book, and then have to do all the advertising yourself? (Makes no sense to me.) I'd say hire a good editor then self publish.

LoveRundle said...

I'm at that crossroad too. I've started the marketing and getting my press release ready. There is a lot of research in this.

Like you said, if you do it right, the benefits are wonderful.

Virgil Allen Moore said...

Dear, Christina,

I have a comment that I wanted to post on this page, but it was too long and blogger wouldn't accept it. Please follow the link at the bottom of the post to read the comment.

Virgil Allen Moore

Anonymous said...

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