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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Weather Is A Tool, A Method Of Conjuring The Words Deep In Our Souls.

     Rain is a force of nature. Wet, powerful, enveloping in all it sway. It can be used, molded to suit a reason, a purpose, a will. The sensual feeling of moisture wrapped in the lungs is inspiring. The sensation of either cold or warm vapors rising into the chest is calming, relaxing. It is this weather I use to write with, to sculpt dreams with. The knowledge that an afternoon storm can draw the emotion from the heart is a gift. Simple solitary rain, the ease of a summer or winter cloud sweeping over a region to give a beautiful scent in it's wake. A damp silk, entering the system to spread a lull over the mind. Some construct with hammer and stone, I create with pen and rain.

Virgil Allen Moore

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