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Saturday, May 28, 2011

I Will Have My Emolument. Demon Vampire Has A Release Date

     Demon Vampire will be released 10/30/2011

     Erudite Small Press will be publishing Demon Vampire as an eBook on the day before Halloween. On Devil's Night October 30th, Demon Vampire will be available for purchase on Kindle, Nook, and iBookstore.

     The details are still being released. For now, advance reviews are being collected, art is being finalized, and everything is coming together nicely.

     Links will be up as soon as I can get them.

     To any and all who would like a chance to scribe your thoughts on Demon Vampire the book, contact me. Email me at I will be compiling a list of email addresses to send advance e-copies of the book.

To be considered for a chance to review Demon Vampire, you must have all of the following.
     1. A valid email address.
     2. The ability to read at a fast pace. You will have one month to read and review the book.
     3. A valid account in order to post the review on their site.
     4. A valid Barnes& account in order to post a review on their site.
     5. A valid account for iBooks in order to post a review on their site.
     6. The ability to write a 500 - 1500 word review that is honest and complete.
     7. Have 10 friends that you can tell in person about the book. 

This is a large novel. If you request to review the book Demon Vampire, you will need to read the novel, write the review, and post it on Amazon, Nook, and iBooks within one month from the date it is send to you.

The PDF of Demon Vampire will be your personal copy to keep. It should not be given or sold in any way.

The deadline for be considered for a chance to review the book is 8/31/2011 at midnight. Any requests sent after that time and date will be ignored. I will send a confirmation email to those who are chosen a week after the deadline. Please set aside the time to reply to the email ASAP to confirm you are still interested in reviewing the novel Demon Vampire. If your RSVP is not received by 9/21/2011, you will be removed from the list and your review will not be considered.

The ultimate goal of this review process is to have your review posted in the actual eBook itself.

In the meantime, please sign up for the newsletter on the right hand side of the site to read the 2nd chapter of the book for free. Tell everyone you can about the book, the site, and how much you love Demon Vampire.

Virgil Allen Moore

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