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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Demon Vampire Is Coming, Spread The Word

     Demon Vampire comes out later this month on 10/30/2011. The retail price is set at $18.97 for the physical copy and only $3.00 for the ebook. However, if you pre-order, you will get a signed copy for only $15.97 plus S&H.
     The reviews of Demon Vampire have come in and they are without rival. Demon Vampire is one of the best reviewed vampire books of 2011!!! Spread the word to everyone that loves vampire fiction, Demon Vampire is available 10/30/2011!
     All estimates put the book as selling out on day one. Pre-order yours through the blog on the right hand side using secure paypal or google checkout today. will have it's pre-order up soon. What ever you do, order early - The second print run of Demon Vampire will take nearly three weeks to deliver. Make sure and order before it comes out to ensure you won't have to wait.

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