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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Up And Coming About Demon Vampire

There has been a few things in development lately. Four more video book reviews, a possible interview with a known vampire, and a little secret I am keeping quiet about until it's actually completed.

By now, you all have seen the first video book review of Demon Vampire.

Soon, there will be a video book review of Demon Vampire: Special Science Report 1192 (SSR 1192). As well as three additional video book reviews of Demon Vampire by three other youtube reviewers.

I am in talks with several public vampires to conduct an interview of what they think about the current mediocrity of the social trend of non-goth readers into the softer vampire slush that has been released in the last decade. Depending on who takes accepts the interview, the results should be entertaining.

I am in the beginning stages of appearing on an internet show. Yes, this means you will be able to finally hear my voice and see the mannerisms to which I am sure you have all thought about in reading my verbose blogging. As well as another book giveaway to be done on that show. As to which show and what time, everything is working itself out quite well for now and I will keep you all posted.

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