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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Things To Come In April

I have two interviews set up, one with the band 

and the other with the author  

The prize for May 1st is still being decided at this point, but rest assured, it will be good.

I have also been working on Demon Vampire: Redgold, book two in the main storyline. I have passed into the eighth chapter and things are headed in a wonderful direction. I have always known that there would be a great amount of change coming to all of the characters, but now that I'm actually writing book two, I can say for certain, this book goes there.

I have never been afraid to write what other authors haven't. I let the characters decide what they do, not the other way around. When they want to kill people, they do. They don't rant about it, they act. This of course leads to some characters killing other main characters, which I am not opposed to either.

I have amazing things planned for Zack Giver over the ten years I plan on writing this series. There are seven books, at least that have been thought out. The turns in my series are unlike anything anyone has ever seen. It is my goal to bring this story to everyone that will appreciate it.

If you have already read through to the end of Demon Vampire, you will be happy to understand that Zack isn't gone. Salvation comes to him from the most unlikely person. For now, YOU WILL HAVE TO FOLLOW ME ON FAITH. Demon Vampire book one is not the end of Salas' story, or Zack Giver's for that matter.

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Virgil Allen Moore

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