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Monday, May 27, 2013

Pain, Death, And A Twitching Finger

How I've been writing lately.

Lately, I've been reading The Historian. A good book, but nothing the way I'd thought it would be. It's slow, but well immersing. It's slow. I'll give it good writing, but it's gruelingly slow.

Recently, I of all things to do, decided to write a letter outlining my accounts during a bad food spill while at a local restaurant. I sent the letter to their corporate offices, but before I did, I re-read it. I found interestingly enough that the way in which I wrote the letter, the wording, the turn of phrase, and all the such little items that make up the nature of my pen and thoughts, where transferred into that small story as I had read the style of The Historian. Much as it is in the way I am writing this now.

It's an odd thought, but I realized, far too late in life that I can copy the flow and syntax of what I read and re-purpose it through my own creative means. Basically, I can mimic it. It's something that I have been doing automatically for a very long time, but only now have I realized why my style would change so much over time.

So I have put myself to a test as I continue to edit. I have picked up three bestselling novels. Two in the vampire genre, and one in the thriller category. If I am right, as I read each book, I will pick up the elements that, as I hope, will make my own writing not only better, but to the level of those same bestselling novels. My characters, story, and plot, but told in the way Dan Brown or Lee Child might tell it. I see it akin to hiring that movie announcer to do your commercial when all you might do is voice it over your self. A simple analogy, but fitting none-the-less.

I should be able to learn from the experience in the least and should be able to develop the one flaw that I have had in my writing, the flow.

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