Do you need a mouthwatering story with a breakthrough plot that keeps you on your toes? What if you could find that complete satisfaction you've been searching for in a novel? Think of how wonderful that would be. Now is the time for your desires to be sated. Discover the acclaimed style of Virgil Allen Moore and buy Demon Vampire.

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Chapter One Of Demon Vampire is available here.

    My name is Virgil Allen Moore. I love to write vampire novels. The thought of crafting magic in a sentence is joyful to me. I can feel the taste of a story on my lips, ready to be written, the characters posed to spring to action. I believe in my characters and letting the story form around them. Something that is crucial to the way I write. There is a beauty in knowing your story, but there is a wizardry to hearing the voice of a character reacting to a given situation. It's amazing.

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Concept Art for Demon Vampire

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