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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Vampires on Fucking Sex. Tricks, Talents, And Tips.

     Vampire have sex. Powerfully orgasmic sex that often physically and mentally rips their bodies apart, sometimes literally.
     There are some variations to what vampire like to do when it's time to get dirty. When a vampire mates, well, has sex with a human. The experience came be as pleasurable as the vampire decides. Leaving the enjoyment almost solely in the hands of the vampire.
     A vampire having sex with another vampire is a moment to behold. A event like this should have tickets sold to it. It's a wonderfully humbling scene in which, depending on the vampires can actually kill them. If the vampires are sick and experimental, piercing the abdomen in order to touch the genitals from inside the body is a common practice. If the vampires are modest, wholesome individuals, it might only result in a little skull fucking. Popping the eyeball out and to the side while, well you get the idea.
     A half vampire, a vampeal having sex with a human can be quite satisfying. A vampeal has more strength than a human, but can enjoy all of the reciprocating activities done by the human as well. Making an overall mutual experience for both of them.
     Two vampeals can have fun with each other in the same general way that a vampire couple can. The only limitation is that after, they need a few more days to heal their injuries. Regardless, the sex of well worth it. Vampeals rarely find each other in the world after all.
     A vampire and a vampeal is nice. Both the vampire and the vampeal are able feel every motion, bump, grind, and thrust that is made. Albeit with some damage to the vampeal.
     Now we come to sex with a demon vampire. If the partner is anything less than a vampire, they will die from the intercourse. Sex with a demon vampire is always a theatrical deal. You must conform to their will and desires entirely. often sacrificing your own happiness and more often morals for their sexual whims.
     Finally, there is sex between two demon vampires. This is something that only happens in the dark sinewy shadows of a locked room that has been prepared with virgins to last them a month. Blood and guts know no beginning or end in this place. The sex incurred here lasts in the minds of it's participants for lifetimes. It is a secret, special occurrence. I would suggest that you attend and watch. But those who do, never leave the scene.

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