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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Right Amount of Blood For A Vampire. How Many Pints Is Just Right?

     How much blood would a vampire drink if a vampire could drink forever? The answer is in the question. Forever. A vampire could drink endlessly. But just then what is the right amount? How much blood is the perfect daily volume? It depends on the vampire. The age, the gift, the preference, and the strain. A new vampire requires two pints of blood. After a few years a vampire's need reduces. One pint nightly will suffice. After one hundred years the requirement is only one pint every two to three days. At two hundred years, One pint a week sates the vampire. Beyond three hundred years, a vampire requires a pint a month. at five hundred plus years, the vampire only needs a pint a year to survive.
     A vampire's gift also adds to their need for blood. A focus vampire needs the least amount of blood. A psychic vampire needs an increased volume of blood. An alteration vampire requires the most blood. Each type needs more blood as they use their gift more.
     A vampeal varies in their needs. If they want to have increased power and strength, they need one gallon of blood a day. Two gallons if they want to remain the same age. If they choose to abstain, they require nearly nothing. A pint a week sustains them, or a few rare steaks.
     A demon vampire needs two pints of blood a day, always. The more blood, the quicker their power grows. Once they reach 300,000 bodies' worth of blood, their higher gift becomes available. Allowing them to enact massive damage on the population.

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