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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Advice To An Over Worked Writer. May They Heed This Call And Continue Their Vampire Chronicle.

Life easily gets in the way of the things we all enjoy. Sometimes the other activities we enjoy go forth and poke their heads over the rest as well. However the parts of our lives that need addressing, that have to be dealt with are constantly there. Taking time to settle each matter is a luxury most days, probably a chore others.
     On occasion, I take three hours to shut the world out around me. I turn off the phone, draw the black out curtains closed in my den where I write, and turn on a small string of tiny lights to illuminate the room in a way that is steady and constant. Inside that room, there is not time. I do not look at the clock. I do not set an alarm. If the three hours passes and I go over, so be it. In that space I contend with my thoughts. I deal with the issues that plague me and attempt to work on my passions with as much focus and concentration as possible.
     Having a place, a sacred avenue near to you is crucial. Remember that you may always think you have time to do something. To see a play, to call an old friend, to finish a chapter that is troubling you. But know that there is a set number to the summers one will experience in life. There are only a hundred, if one manages to live that long. Make each count, you are the only one keeping score.

Advice to Amanda Hocking from Virgil Allen Moore.

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