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Sunday, January 30, 2011

Vampire Sense Of Touch. How Subtle Is Their Light Hand?

     A vampire always has a wonderful sense of touch. Their skin is smooth, the sensation is constantly accurate. The feeling of water cascading down the back of their hand is a timeless act. Each moment is a measure in their restraint. Each action is met with care and precision. The strength, the pressure in their fingers is overwhelming. To have one grace you is a treasured memory to hold.
     Damage to a vampire doesn't affect their feeling of what is happening to them. a bullet in a vampire's flesh still hurts as much if it were in a human. The difference is that the vampire won't pass out from the pain. They simply learn to accept it as a part of life. A natural occurrence of their nightly incursions. There is no limit to the pain a vampire can endure other than death itself. Vampires do not enjoy sharing this fact. The younger ones feel it is an embarrassment. The older vampires consider it a mark of age to withstand higher levels of torture and destruction.
     A vampeal in sharp contrast feels the first cut of damage very well. After that, their autonomic anesthetic kicks in (the body's own pain killers). At which point, the area is partially numb. It does not return until the damage has been repaired.
     A demon vampire is more special still. They know pain, but are able to ignore it with little effort. Their sheer power eliminates the need for a lightening of damage. Their skin is beyond steel, it is perfect.

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