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Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inspiring An Author. The Music That Lit The Fire.

Quite often I am asked what music inspired me to write the way I do. "What kind of music do you listen to?" Is the most direct question I get. The answer is long, twisted, and contradicting at best. So then, I shall inform you, My cherished reader of what I hear why I close my eyes and write the world I have come accustomed to creating.

     First on my list of musicians is Buckethead. A very eccentric to put it mildly, and highly talented instrumental guitarist. The songs: Padmasana, Ghost, Broken Mirror, Sundial, A Real Diamond In The Rough, Whitewash, Big Sur Moon, Earth Heals Herself, and The Cosmic Calendar just to name a few put me into a serene mood that allows me to write extraordinary things. His music I must say is on the top of my list with good reason.
     The band Garbage. Their songs: The Trick Is To Keep Breathing, Push It, Cup Of Coffee, You Look So Fine.
     Metric. The Canadian band. The song Too Little, Too Late is played over and over again when I need to work out some good personal interaction between characters.

     Peter Murphy's I'll Fall On Your Knife is a song that I will never forget when setting up a playlist. That song is golden for stirring up emotions in my mind. It brings back a lot of memories.
     Broken Bells. Even though I first heard them during the later part of finishing the book. They influenced it very much. Their entire album makes me relax and get into the mood to write.

     Other Artists include: Lacuna Coil, Scott Peeples, My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Evanescence, HIM, Type O-Negative, and many others that honestly I'm a bit ashamed to admit at the moment.
     The point is, Write. Let the words flow and do not restrict them. The heart is a powerful tool that the mind can use to it's advantage. Take control, do what writes you.

Virgil Allen Moore

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