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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Breaking The Cycle. A New Dawn Is Here. Cool Vampires Are Back.

You don't have to sparkle, or wear a pink shirt to be a vampire. Today's youth has forgotten the grace of the Anne Rice Era. The lost art of which is breaking. However, today's dawn is changing that. Demon Vampire is an entirely new look at the classic vampire. It takes the reader through a not only the shoes of the main character Zack Giver, but also through the eyes of the people that would want to end his life. Demon Vampire is written with the perspective of letting the reader who everyone is, without alienating the reader to why they are reading in the first place. Unlike other novels that bore you with long back-stories, Demon Vampire takes the reader through the lives of several people that are intertwined throughout history up to the present day. This is a story like no other read.

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1 comment:

SunTiger said...

Yes the cool vampires ARE back. (There are certainly no sparkly vegetarian vampires in my book ... Ravena & The Resurrected.) There are also real traditional werewolves in R&R too. I'm glad you stuck to the tried-and-true mythology with Demon Vampires, Whoot.

Great title - because people won't have to second guess what sort of vampire they'll be reading about while looking at your book's cover.