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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Perception. It Allows Us To Think, To Love, To Hate.

     The ability to perceive, to know the true face of the words given to you by another. There are times when we all view the same event, swearing we all know what has transpired. That only our eyes know the truth of the scene. We are all definite, we are all wrong. Perception is color of your heart as you view something in your life. The shade of your emotions as you tread into a thought, a place, a relationship.
     A well placed thought can cast a hue of beauty on a day. A location of bliss can invoke a mood untouchable. A person can spark a desire to be touched. These are the things that affect our perspective. If one falls out, if one tires and runs away. The reaction can cascade into the rest, skewing our view of the world. It is simple enough to speak of the correction. An easy task for the objective, a difficult one for the subjective. The mere interaction of the person in the event has an effect on whether they are able to realize the courage to alter it.
     A misspoken word out of context said to another can bring unforeseen pain to that person. When the intention in far from the result. Remember that if one foot trips, the other should not follow, it should be there to catch the other.

Virgil Allen Moore

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