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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Demon Vampire, The Cast Suggestions As Of 3.6.2011

 The Demon Vampire himself Salas. Gary Oldman is the only actor that has his facial structure and overall look. The only actual difference with Salas in the book Demon Vampire is that Salas is clean shaven instead of the pictures represented here.

Rachel McAdams is a dead look a like for Lucretia, Zack's mother. Imagine her with silvery white hair and the same perfect smile, except with her body wrapped in leather.

Guy Pearce is one of few actors that has the unique "beaten up" look that Yugo always seems to have. The difference is that Yugo's nose is stunted more. Imagine Guy Pearce with several scars and a red and white fox pelt over his shoulders.

Ellen Page is the only actress that exemplifies the small, thin stature of Cherry in the book Demon Vampire. Imagine her with the boy-cut hair on the left, dyed a ruby red. 

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