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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Time Is A Key. The World Is My Gate. My Hands, The Will To Open The Path.

Time is struck as the heavens call my name. The events that have progressed over my life have lead me to this moment. The click, the snap, the ring of it's passage is music. It tells me in a way that no other understands that I am succeeding in my vested plans. It screams out the lauded salutes to my actions. It whispers in the night of my deeds. The simple service I have placed in my own hands is but a shadow of the mirror that lay before me. Inside there is a prize, a gift known only to those of which their work has blessed them. I have seen it in my dreams, in my desires. I know it is real. Soon I will stand beside it, ready to open the gate. Soon I will see with eyes untainted by the disdain of jealousy the window to my goals. Beyond the steps that I seek is a mountain, not a destination, but a new horizon. The road laid out before me is longer still, yet it holds the pleasures and the pains I have wished for all my life. As I turn the key of time. As the gate opens for me. I know that I possess the will to pass.

Virgil Allen Moore

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