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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Redgold, The Rite Of Passage Into Vamparism.

What is Redgold? It is crystallized vampire blood. When blood is collected from a fallen vampire, it can be stored until the next solar eclipse. At that time, it is placed in a container that will allow the light to penetrate it. Over the course of the eclipse, the blood hardens and forms a solid crystal that has unique properties. The original use is to transform a vampeal into a full vampire. It is referred to as The Ritual of Redgold. It can be consumed, or smashed into an open wound to enter the blood stream directly. If taken by a human, it has miraculous healing powers. It can revive almost sure death. If ingested by another vampire, it is poison. The strength of which is measured in the age of the vampire used for the Redgold. The greater the age, the stronger the effect of the poison.
     There is a second side to Redgold. It can be made from a vampeal which makes the result very different. It is a poison to humans. It does nothing to vampires. However, it greatly affects other vampeals. It can permanently transfer the gift of one vampeal to the consumer of the Redgold.

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