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Monday, May 23, 2011

My Library. The Books That Have Shaped My Style.

     All my time spent writing, it might seem it's all I do. However, I spend a good deal of my efforts reading nonfiction books on the craft. My personal library includes the following titles.

1. From Book To Bestseller
2. Up The Bestseller's List
3. 2011 Guide To Literary Agents
4. You Can Make It Big Writing Books
5. The irresistible Offer
6. The First Five Pages
7. The Writer's Handbook 2010
8. Author 101: Bestselling Book Publicity
9. Jump Start You Book Sales
10. 1001 Ways To Market Your Books

     I have learned a great deal from all these books. The one that has helped me the most has been The First Five Pages. It has sculpted my writing to avoid the common manuscript mistakes that cause lesser novels to be sent to the circular file.
     The yearly Guide to Literary Agents is also a must. It teaches how to submit, the proper way to write a letter, and who to send to.
     The irresistible Offer is a general sales book, but it is the best way to understand how to word a query letter. All of the books on how to write a bestseller are helpful.
     The one the is the greatest in culminating press releases, press & review packets, and learning how to contact distributors was From Book To Bestseller.

     As far as my fiction library. These books have been the most influential to me.

1. Interview With The Vampire
2. Dead Until Dark
3. The Historian
4.The Dark Fields
5. Dante's Inferno

     I do own far more books than listed here, however they do not pertain to my writing style. I have gained what I know from these books, as well as from a few wonderful blogs.

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Anonymous said...

I never thought I would agree with this option.

Virgil Allen Moore said...

Then you imply that you are inclined to agree. There is only so much perceived knowledge you can use in the publishing world. After you see through the veil, you realize that you are lacking. These books fill that need, that chasm.

The simple things are the most important things. Knowing what not to say in a letter, the type, the font. These things can destroy the initial foundation one tries to form when contacting agents, publishers, distributors, and booksellers.

In short, you agree because you understand what it takes to become a bestseller in this market.

Virgil Allen Moore

Anonymous said...

I like it very much!