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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blood For The True. The Answer For Those Wanting More Than True Blood

     In the world of vampire novels, there is a chasm of choice. The question of substance comes into play when you ask if what you want to read is the same old vampire story. This is where Demon Vampire sets the stage. The true vampire is one of power and grace, unyielding. They cannot be subdued or constrained. They are strength, immemorial. Their blood is life true and dark. They are the night.
     Vampires have a true, pure nature to them that has been diminished over the years. Their blood has been thinned. They have been torn down from their loft and been castrated by the flood of teenage angst and indecision that has pervaded popular society. There is now a choice in this war, a new avenue caste in blood that is true and worth everything you have ever wished. Demon Vampire is here.
     Demon Vampire is the story that ushers the change. It is the calling that gives voice to the immortality of the vampire. 10/30/2011 the world will know what it means to be a vampire.

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