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Friday, September 9, 2011

Yes, Things Have Changed Since High School. I Don't Take Shit Now.

I have discovered that a chasm had been created amongst those who I knew to be promising in that time and myself.

In those squalid days, I was the least likely to be or do anything. I wasn't even known by the yearbook staff. I was a recluse that favored nightly endeavors such as solitary games and meager poetry. I was the anti-child that didn't have any aspiration or direction to call my own.

That all changed when I realized that I was able to pain visceral stories with my poetic talent. I leaned into the storm and began to write when all others around me scoffed and discouraged me. They spoke of ill chances and misplaced steps down wasted paths. I ignored their hallow words with a laconic passion for my desires to become a writer.

I decided that if my dreams were in my mind, I would fashion them into reality. I told myself that dreams are real, that I would create characters, places, and tales that were so true, everyone would see them as I did. I wished to bring my dreams into the world and writing about my vanguard into history.

Seventeen years later I am a writer that will be published this October.

I have since searched for my fellow classmates in high school. The prodigies, the high GPAs, the gifted children - They are where they were. In the same rut of life, they are lost without direction or purpose.

I am thankful I have had the drive and conviction to strive for what I desired. I do not know what I would have done otherwise.

Virgil Allen Moore

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Nurul Saaadah said...

do u believed vampire

Virgil Allen Moore said...

Let me put it this way: If there was an undiscovered species that could kill a person before they saw or heard them coming... Would you really want to piss the species off by not believing in it?

Virgil Allen Moore