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Friday, December 2, 2011

December Rebound Winner, Being Responsive Pays

There has been silence from our winner. This can only mean one thing... A new winner must be chosen.

I had taken some thought on the matter. Realizing that what I am directly asking for is a mere attendance of sorts. To show up at the right time and place to get a free book. It's under this concept that I realized simply picking another person at random until some one responds, would be perpetual madness wrapped in a can of irritation. What did all those who actually read the winning post do? Did they waist their time? I say, no. It is my goal to reward those who "attended" the winning post on the 1st of the month. So it is with great pleasure that I announce an addendum to the rules of the giveaway.

If the monthly follower giveaway winner does not comment on the winning post, or respond by email before midnight that night, the first person to actually comment on the winning post, will win. So it is in your best interest, even if you aren't the monthly winner intially, to comment on the monthly winning post. If the selected winner doesn't respond, you will win instead. It's that simple.

This month, the winner did not respond in time. Only silence was heard the night of the 1st, and she will miss the chance to read the sweet pages of a free 500 page book. However sad this may be, another winner has emerged from this silence,
 December Rebound Winner
All she needs to do is claim her prize. (Check her email on this one.) And she will get a signed copy of Demon Vampire. 
Even if you didn't win this month, remember that Demon Vampire is on in print for $18.97


Anonymous said...

I couldn't be more happy or more honoured! I actually never thought it would turn out this way! :D I commented because, as I've done in other posts, I like to comment on entries I've read, whenever I had the time. ^_^ I still can't believe it got me the chance to win your book. THANK YOU SO MUCH!

I've already sent you an e-mail, which hopefully will get to you without problems. :D And I can't do anything more but to thank you, again, for your generousity. I'm going to enjoy your novel so much, I'm sure! :D

So, that's it. THANK YOU! ^o^

Yours, truly and gratefully,

Nora Chipley Barteau said...

Dang reviewing the book for you and I want to be the winner! come on people!