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Thursday, December 8, 2011

March 4th Is My Birthday, "Bestselling Author" Would Be A Wonderful Gift

Give the best birthday present an author could ever get. Make Virgil Allen Moore an #1 Bestseller!!! Just buy the book on that day at noon and it will skyrocket to the #1 spot, ensuring that radio, internet, and television news outlets will take notice. 

You can be a part of this massive event. The plans are under way. March 4th at noon will be the time to buy Demon Vampire.

If you have ever wanted to support an author and believe in their writing, March 4th would be the time to support Virgil Moore and buy Demon Vampire on It doesn't matter if you already own the book, or can't wait, buy the book as a gift for a friend or loved one that enjoys the darker, more elegant side of vampires.

Why March 4th? It will be my birthday. On that day you have a special opportunity to give the best present a new author can imagine, a number one sales rank on If everyone either buys the book for themselves, or for a friend as a gift on March 4th at noon, then Demon Vampire will rise to the top of Amazon for that day and join the ranks of bestselling books in the nation.

Support Demon Vampire and buy it on on March 4th at noon.

Add Demon Vampire to your cart now and click "Save for later" so that when March 4th comes, you can buy it with ease. Also look for the one day sale on the book that will make it even easier to buy on March 4th at noon.


Anonymous said...

I truly hope your book sells a lot that day! I'll pass the word among my friends, just in case. :)

It would be nice to know the times between which we should buy the book. Since we come from all countries, our "noon" may differ a lot. So it would be good to have an objective time reference so we can calculate how much time difference we have a how long (or short) out window is to buy the book and contribute to this event. For example, I have like 4 hours of difference with the PST times of USA... So you 12 pm is my 4 pm or something like that. @_@

Anyways, best of luck for this event and I'll try to get people to participate too! ;)

Virgil Allen Moore said...

The time frame is one hour to buy the book at 12pm Eastern Standard Time (EST) in the USA. Just remember to tell them to add the book to the amazon cart and save it for later when the day comes.