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Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Follower Giveaway Winner: Lien Persyn

The January Winner for the Monthly Follower Giveaway is:

Lien Persyn

Lien Persyn, you have until midnight tonight to comment on this blog post or send me your mailing address to to receive your copy of Fangs Rule by Amy Mah: Vampire. 

However, if you do not... The first person to comment on this post will claim the right to your prize. So respond quickly and before the midnight deadline. Time is of the essence. 

Respond Quickly To This!

As a side note, if you are the previous month's winner, you are not eligible to win a consecutive month. Yes, that means you Andrea. However, starting next month, you, and all future winners will be able to win again. (As long as you don't win the prior month. Can't have one person win two months in a row, there needs to be an equal chance for all followers.) 

As a side note to future winners of the Monthly Follower Giveaway: 
If you are selected as the winner and already have the prize mentioned, all you have to do is email me about it and I will give you another prize. Availability is dependent on the time of year of course, as different books and other things come my way. Either way, I will work with you on making it a prize you will be able to read freshly and enjoy. 

 Thank you for all your support. Please Comment & Subscribe to my blog. It's Free.

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Anonymous said...

I hope the winner this month claimed his/her prize! :D Congratulations!

And to you, dear sir, Happy New Year! I hope 2012 is filled with success and new opportunities and that your stories reach the whole world! :D I'll be honored to keep on supporting you in every way I can. HAPPY 2012! :D

Your fan and friend,

Lien said...

Well, I didn't know I won something. I googled my name and found this post...

Virgil Allen Moore said...

Yes, you were selected as the winner of the monthly prize. Unfortunately there is a time constraint in which you have to be able to reply before midnight that might to claim your prize. Someone else already got the book.

However, you have good timing.

#DemonVampire is free on amazon until friday. Download it now, you'll enjoy it.