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Monday, June 11, 2012

Remember To Remember

There are a great deal of people that I interact with on a weekly basis. The hundreds of people that make up my everyday experiences add little by little to the whole that is my perception of the world around me. Some more than others. It is those exceptional few that are worth remembrance.

Think about everyone you've meet today up until reading this post. Think hard, real hard on the conversations, body language, even facial expressions they gave off while interacting with you. Have you gathered all of those moments in your mind? Good, Now it's time to realize something.

- All of them got you to where you are now.

The way I mean this is literally and figuratively in the same thought. Each small gesture, smile, or nod is time you could have spent somewhere else, but ended up with a certain person instead. Whither or not the conversation, meeting, or general time logged was positive or negative, you experienced it non-the-less.

You may be wondering where I'm going with this, hold on, it's coming.

You may have had an argument with your neighbor, a fight with your spouse, or even an angry driver on the way home. The person next to you on the bus might have had on a pleasant perfume that you enjoyed, you got a letter from an old friend, or someone you didn't know thanked you for being so kind to them in their time of need. All those possible scenarios paint a memory that gives a lasting inpression on your over all mood, and eventually your personality.

You may be thankful for where you are today. That's good. Of all the people that you might want to thank for your success in life, did you ever once think about the fleeting smile a stranger gave you once upon a time year ago? It's things like that that can empower and motivate us all to do amazing things at ordinary times in our lives. In other words -

- Remember the moments that forged the path you now walk.

Without those millions of little interactions to pave the way, you wouldn't be on the road you're now on. Sometimes it's nice to look back and be glad you met so many on your way.


Virgil Allen Moore

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