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Thursday, September 13, 2012

Damn, GoodReads Is Fast

I just posted to have the giveaway approved last night. And here we are, it's already up and accepting requests. Gotta love the GoodReads.

As of this morning, there have already been 76 requests. Which is awesome. Each time this giveaway has been listed, it always seems to get more and more requests quicker.

So far, all signs point to two giveaways a month.

This giveaway is for only eight days, so be sure to enter soon. I try to make each one at least a week to allow for anyone like me that isn't online a few days out of the week on a regular basis.

The winner of the last giveaway was Erin Koiso of Nevada. Of course international winners are welcome always. So far another four countries are listed for this giveaway.

If you are in a country that I haven't listed and still want to read the book, contact me at and we'll work something out. Remember, I'm always open to getting a review for a book;)

Remember to like the Amazon page as well for Demon Vampire.

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