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Friday, October 4, 2013

Demon Vampire Revised Edition

The revised edition of Demon Vampire is here. 

The entire book was changed from the last review edition. Zack was the heavy edit. His character needed to be more stoic and reserved compared to the image I had initially portrayed of him. I lightened the cover to make it easier for printing. The book slimmed down ten pages as well. It totals 250 pages now. The cover price has been set at $10.97 for print and $2.99 for eBook. 

The book will be available as soon as this week. There was a clerical error and the original publication date of Oct 18th was botched. The book will go live on Amazon tonight at this link:
And don't worry if the price doesn't say $10.97 when you initially look at it. It takes time to update on the Amazon site and may take up to a week to show the actual price. However the eBook will be available through the same link for $2.99 starting as tonight. 

Thank you all for supporting me with this book so far. You have fueled me over the years more than you know. I have become a better writer because of it. 

To read the sample chapters for free online, click here.


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