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Friday, September 6, 2013

Slight Delay On Revised Edition

As With All Things, We Get Better At Something With Time

I wrote the last version of Demon Vampire from 2009-2010. Nearly three and a half years later I have grown as a writer and learned a few things that have helped my craft greatly. During my revision of the book I have been taking review issues into account and I have been fixing a few things that I had forgotten about in the grand design of the series.

I am focusing the book into a paranormal romance novel. Sorry to my male readers in advance. The book will be more sensual, mature, and have less senseless gore overall. I am taking out the needless fluff of the book and streamlining it to read quicker. The last version of the rewrite had around 30 chapters. This revision will have more than 55 by the time I'm done. The book will be more correlated as well. The jumps between the different story lines will make more sense now. And The opening prologue will have a continuing conclusion throughout this book and the rest of the series.

As a basic rule I plan on giving a conclusions to each timeline I open at the beginning of each book in the series. Some larger plot lines will have multiple conclusions that get bigger as the book proceed, but they will have a more full filling feel over all as the books are read in order.

I will be changing the back summary as well. The current summary will reflect the series as a whole and the new summary will reflect the contents of this book directly as it is presented without spoilers.

Thank you for your patience in this matter as I make the final changes to the book. The reviews that have elected to re-read the revised edition will receive their ebook copies as soon as they are ready.

PS: I did note that several people had formatting issues with the quotations appearing as commas throughout the book. If you experienced this, please email me at and let me know what ereader you used and when you bought it. I have a theory that some of the newer models didn't accept the formatting and I am trying to pin point the problem.


Virgil Allen Moore

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