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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Book Signing In Dover, DE

The Dover, DE Book Signing

I started out the morning of Oct 18th at just after 5am. I packed the car and realized that I needed a few things before the journey. I needed candy. It's one item that I always bring with me to each signing, a bowl full of chocolates. 

A hundred miles later I came to a toll bridge. I had been warned about it before, $6 for a 30 minute wait on a congested toll path was well worth the 4 hour difference that the other way would have taken. Well worth it. Most of the distance was easy, but there were a few slow parts. I was stuck behind some one with a license plate that actually spelled out "Some One." It was kind of funny that I was following Some One around for about the last 40 miles of the trip. 

Dover was a nice town. I say "town" because I'm used to Gainesville, FL as it's considered a town. And Dover, even though it's actually a capital city, looks like a quaint town to me. It was very clean and very proper. That is until I crossed the train tracks.

Now you have to understand that I did enjoy my time in Dover, and I will actually be back for another signing in March. But with that said, the moment I crossed the tracks, it was 8 Mile instantly. My hotel was about a thousand feet from the track and about two hundred feet from a shady neighborhood. Thankfully, I have a secret that helps me to keep safe, but as to what that is, I'll leave it up to your imagination;)

I checked in and got ready pretty quickly. I went to the store and set up my booth table and a few posters around the store. Then my Audio Producer walked in the door. I know that I've kept it under wraps until now, but last month I was able to get an audio book deal. It will be casted by Larkin Studios of New York and will have the talented Michael Larkin as the main narrator and the male voice acting. And Lauren Synger as the female voice actress for the book. The book will be ready in March 2014 and should be out on the same day I have the book signing for Book 2 of The Redgold Series: Bloodlines. 

As I talked with Michael about the book, my uber fan, Kathy came by and received the first copy of the new book, as well as the sample for the audio book signed by myself and Michael Larkin. From there however, things became a little slow. I did sell a decent amount of books, but there was little actual foot traffic in the store. It was a full moon that night, but unfortunately it wasn't in my favor. 

As 8pm came and the store closed, I gathered my things and collected my check. I left 11 books at the store and went back to the hotel. 

I didn't sleep much. It was a combination of things. Three hours passed and I couldn't get back to sleep. I had wanted to leave at 9am, but the time was 2:30am. I watched a little discovery channel and packed my things back up for the return. I left Dover at nearly 5am, 24 hours after I had gotten up earlier that day. I was a bit tired, and thankfully two coffees fixed that problem easily enough. 

On the way back I oddly didn't have to pay the toll. There was a small detour and I went through a tunnel that didn't require a toll this time around. It was a small victory, but I counted it none the less as a profit. 

The total trip was 349.5 miles and I was able to make the trip in a total of about seven hours. It was the first trip I've actually taken on my own. It was a bit different I must admit. Although I have spent many years traveling through many states, it was always with others. It was interesting and empowering to take the trip by myself. Although I must admit that I will probably bring someone along next time. It should make the hours at the hotel pass a little easier. 


Virgil Allen Moore

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