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Friday, December 6, 2013

Dear God, THIS Is The Car I Want!!!

Recently, I was on eBay and just happened to see THIS:

This is a 1939 Buick Roadmaster. I want this car. I had planned to get a 1950's car and eventually restore it as my dream car. But this, this car, is amazing! It would still need to be restored, but I want this year and model of car. All steel, no air bags. It you hit an SUV, the driver will watch you open their car like a tin can from four feet up in the air as you watch them scoot across your fender and not scratch the paint;)

They usually made this car in either black or grey, but this white one is the one for me. I can just imagine riding to the movie premiere of Demon Vampire along with three of my special fans.

There is a feeling of safety that comes with cruising in this style of car. 

So keep spreading the word about Demon Vampire and eventually I'll get this car and maybe I'll take YOU out to the movie opening;)


Virgil Allen Moore

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