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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Perseverance for the Disenfranchised. Focus On Your Goals.

     Perseverance is for the disenfranchised. To look at the face of your heckler and take all the shit and torment they scoff and laugh at. To know that regardless of every hateful or discouraging sentence they utter. You know what you are. A tenacious son of a bitch that won't take their pessimistic banter. Each day you trudge forward, each time you continue.
     Every mark you make in your craft is another step they will never take. It further separates them from you. They may tell you they know the world better than you. Self tithing that perpetuates their heliocentric views.
     Fuck them.
     You hold the reigns to your mind. Not them. All a malformed mind does is create bull-shit and one sided self-serving happiness. A productive personality is to be treasured, not insulted as they have done.
     In time, when their remarks have treaded heavy on your heart. You will think of their hurtful comments. You will remember the simillies they made between what impresses them and why you do not. You will recall their snide face as they told you the very object you placed your soul into is worthless. You will salivate the moment they informed you, with their infalable opinion: 'What you're doing isn't important.'
     You will think back and you will smile.
     Because my kindred, you will have attained the success you envisioned. You will watch your memories as they refresh clearly. Encouraging you further. You will laugh.
     Remember that no one can see your goals if you always believe the horse-shit other people tell you all the time. Your inspiration is yours alone. Fuck the rest of the world. They are not the painter of your life. They do not posses a single brush you do not.
     Perseverance is continued action in the face of an ass-hole that doesn't know what their talking about.
     Remember and create your dream to flaunt against their smug faces.

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