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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Vampire's Embrace. Amazing, Sensual, Breath-Taking. Three Days Of Hell On Earth.

     The vampire's embrace. Between the 106.3 to 109.8 degree fever, chills, hallucinations, body aches, general pains, and over-all inability to function, the turning is not a walk in the park. Becoming a vampire is not fun. If you are alive when the virus is introduced into your system, the first day you are crippled with a high fever. the second day, your develops burns with exposure to sunlight. The third day, your eyes change so that the entire pupil except for the black center is a transparaent color. What that shade is depends on how the virus reacts to your blood type. By the fourth night, you are weak and hungry for blood. So much so that you attack anyone or anything near you.
     If you have the pleasure of dying before the virus gets you, consider yourself lucky depending on your circumstances. It still takes three grueling days, but you're dead for most of it. And therefor you don't feel nearly any of it. On the second day you wake up. You don't have much motor control, but you're alive. As for what happens to you on your third day, that weighs on how you became dead in the first place and where you physically are at the moment. If you died at night in a field and some vampire blood splashed in your mouth. By the time you are conscious of what's going on, you're already on fire in the mid-day sun. Not a good place to be. However, if you managed to die in a secluded cave in the middle of nowhere with the virus in your blood stream, the forth day comes and all you do is chow down on a brown bear in the area.
     Now if you are being turned to save your life from a mortal wound, you're in for some pain. First the virus has to take you over, that means a fever. Since you had existing injuries, it has to repair them fast to keep you alive. That means pain, lots of agony at the site of damage. Once the wound is closed, you experience all the same stages as if you were alive. The only drawback being is that the over-whelming hunger for blood comes at the end of the third night, not the fourth.
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