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Monday, October 24, 2011

Demon Vampire Sample Chapers Now On Kindle

Announcing the Demon Vampire Sample Chapters on kindle. These chapters are available on the blog for free, or by download via kindle for $0.99

The full book of Demon Vampire will be available later this week on 10/30/2011 for $2.99 You can also buy the physical book on Amazon using this link.

Demon Vampire: Special Science Report 1192 will be available for free on the blog as well. Though it will be on kindle for $1.99 for convenience.

As a disclaimer, I know that I had stated that both the SSR 1192 and sample chapters would be free. I was told that I misunderstood a clause in the Amazon kindle contracts and that the books cannot be placed as they are for freee. In offering the side books for free on the blog, I am still fulfilling my promise to my fans in the way it was intended. Those who desire the books on kindle may still purchase them for convenience.

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