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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Short Stories

To those that have enjoyed my style, but not my content, This is for you.

I have recently been going through my old story ideas. A large folder with over 16 different novel concepts that I came up with over the course of around 17 years of writing. Things that at the time I didn't value with much credit as they were half thought out plans for books that didn't have any real impact on the reader. Years later however, I now see the holes in those ramblings and an aiming to fill them. Although I will still be continuing work on Demon Vampire: Redgold, I am announcing that as of this week I will be pumping out short stories based on those initial concepts. Some of them will be posted on Kindle to download for $0.99 and the rest will be up here on the blog, completely free to read and share. I should be able to put out out a month and keep this pace through the year.

In the mean time, as I am finishing the second half of my first short story outside the vampire world. Yes, all of the mentioned stories to be released each month will be non-vampire related to build and display my words in another setting to which I and you have not seen before.

It is called Diffinity. It is the story of the a man and his search to understand what has happened to him. It promises to be a truly gripping story and well worth the $0.99 download via Kindle.

Make sure to note this story will be out by late March, just a few weeks after my Birthday. 

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

This is WONDERFUL news! :D I'm gonna be happy reading more of your stuff, even if they are not about vampires.

Diffinity sounds very interesting! I'll be looking forward to its release and, hopefully, to buy it, when the time comes. :)

Keep up the good work! I'm sure a lot of us will be happy to keep reading you and your wonderful stories.

Best regards!