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Sunday, December 23, 2012

This Was A Good Week...

1012 Downloads in Five Days!!!

The USA was the leader at 876
The UK followed with 112
Even Japan downloaded 14 copies

In total 1012 people downloaded the book in the five day promo week for the book.

As you might have noticed, the price also dramatically changed. This has it's reasons. Mainly, as counter intelligent as it sounds, I don't want people to buy that version of the book anymore. Yes, you read right. I'm telling you NOT to buy that version of the book anymore. The re-edit will be released in a few weeks in three installments. Each will have added chapters as I had mentioned, but besides fixing a few concerns about the original editing of the book, there is also a re-write to this new version. There were a few small details that were confusing the way I wrote them and I have smoothed out several areas with this in mind.

I had said that I would be providing the "Sub Chapters: Black and Red" on the blog, along with a list of where they fit in. This is proving a massive problem. The book's current chapters are also being heavily re-worked. What was once 15 chapters will not be about 90, considering about 25 to 30 chapters per book. Because of this, just posting the sub chapters will be a nightmare, and not a good one;) So, I have a solution to the faithful. When the book is ready, and posted to Amazon Kindle, I will express an offer.

Contact me at and I will send you a free ebook copy of the re-write in exchange for a simple review. This offer is open to not only those who have read the first version of the book, but anyone willing to read the book and write a review on it through Amazon. I'm not asking for a mammoth dictation of everything you felt during the book, thought that would be nice, all I require is a few sentences about what you thought about the book and to post them. That's all. You get a free read, and I get an honest review. Nice and easy, spread the blood over-easy;)

PS: To all those die hard uber fans of mine, Kathy, Nora, Bella, this has to do with you as well - I will be sending you out advance copies of the re-write once it's ready for advance review. So be ready, you will have some reading to do. I figure this is a one-up from giving you the first chapter of the next book, seeing that will be another 6 months from now.


Virgil Allen Moore

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