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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two Weeks

I am on the last few pages of the re-edit. I give it about two weeks, and it will be out. 

So far, the little additions to the books, small ways of describing things, the two extra chapters, and the complete overhaul of the current flow of the chapters.

The changes you can expect are great, but they won't take away from what you already loved about the story. To address each, here's a list of some of the alterations.

There were a few confusing ways in which I worded a few descriptions. I tend to use overly poetic ways of telling a situation and that tends to lend multiple ways of interpreting the scene I'm painting. Though I kept the end descriptions, I either added a few lines to make them easier to read, or reworked the flow of the sentence to make it easier to the reader in general.

The Sub Chapters Red and Black have gone far better than I had imagined. The two dream sequences were able to be placed in a way that gives of beautiful and needed extra connection between Zack and Kyli.

The first edition of Demon Vampire had fifteen chapters for the 10.5 times new roman font 500 page small border book. It was packed far too tight for even the more gilded readers that have loved the book so far. That is one of the biggest changes, More Chapters. I will should be adding at least two more chapters to what I already have and that will put the first Demon Vampire book at about Twenty Chapters. Now I know that you're thinking, five more chapters isn't a whole lot more than fifteen, but you have to remember, this is just part one of three of the re-edit. The next two volumes shoulder be around 20-25 chapters each. That means around 60-70 chapters that will be made out of the original 15 chapters. A welcome break to any ready that slugged through the book wanting to only put it down at the end of a chapter. This is for you.

Overall the book reads better. I had decided to take a new direction with Demon Vampire: Redgold. This change in the flow and pacing of the chapters and in the book in general has translated to the changes in the re-edit of Demon Vampire.

Thank you all for your continued support of the book as it goes through these changes. The original version of the book will still be available after part one comes out. However, there will be  a few price changes. Because the old version of the book will be outdated, it will go up in price to serve as an anthology type book set with the contents of the first three novels. The new re-edit will remain the same price as the current version of the book on Kindle.

There is also good news to those that still enjoy the feel of a real book in hand over an eReader. Instead of the painful $18.97 that the current 500 page novel is set at. It's small font making it difficult to read in t a well lit room... The new re-edit will be a standard font size that is pleasing to the eye. It will also be pleasing to the budget at only $8.99 for the physical book. That's only a two dollar difference between the eBook and the print copy. This will make it much easier to those of you that were considering getting the book in the past, but held off because of the high price of the older version.

For now, I'm going back to editing the rest of the book.

Enjoy the night,


Virgil Allen Moore  

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