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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Check Lists Are A Pain

And Twenty Trips To The Car Sucks.

All of you that are Photography Majors, I laud you.

For those of you that aren't, like myself, let me explain.

Five lights that could nearly blind someone just by themselves, stands-a-plenty, and more little things that I can easily count. All of these things are what I am having to haul to the photo shoot tomorrow.

The time has come for the photo shoot that will replace the current cover of the book if all goes well. I am setting everything up for the last push in the next 24 hours. Every detail has to be taken into account. Every color of nail polish for each outfit, everything from shoe polish to added flashlights for shadow effects - each thing has to be remembered and packed. It's both overwhelming and exciting.

The event I have been planning for the last two months has finally come. Tomorrow, I will shoot over 2000 pictures and in the end, I should have somewhere near a hundred usable photos to show for it. These images will be in the book, used in ads, on the site, and even in promotional items.

Wish me luck.


Virgil Allen Moore

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