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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Author Pathway Program

Progress has been slow on the Kickstarter finding for editing. So I've decided to move in a new direction and set up a team of English majors to help edit the book.

That means I will be searching out three interns overt the next few weeks. I've already received several emails about the positions and now have four leading candidates.

I plan on teaching these three on the full process to becoming an author. Through query letters, agent submission, story direction, character creation, style refinement, and more, I will be teaching them the steps to take in order to become a published author.

Outside of these three I will be offering my help to others through an Author Pathway Program. This way I can help guide others through the hurtles I've faced over the last eleven years writing Demon Vampire.

Feel free to email me at for information on the program.

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