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Saturday, October 9, 2010

Demon Vampire the Book has been written.

     The epic, paranormal, dark fiction book "Demon Vampire" has been completed. weighing in at over 218,000+ words and more than 1 million keystrokes, it has been a long journey. A few days of one year it all it took. Next comes sending it to my agent for approval. Here's an excerpt.
     A thunderous sound shattered the tension in the room. Something big was happening. The far corner snapped in half. A large piece impaling the older man still standing. Snow blew in as the roof fell. Yugo and Damien braced the ceiling before it killed the last surviving man inside. It slanted as they looked on in complete shock. There was someone there. A familiar face to Damien. A person he did not want to see, not then, not ever. 
    A black figure stood just outside of the moonlight, still deep in the shadows. He stepped back, letting the light strike him for a moment. His face was devilish, sinister.
    “Fear.” Damien said to himself.
    “Yes.” The dark shadow exclaimed calmly.
    The black, cloaked figure vanished. Only a trail of destruction hinted towards his location. He had moved across the room. Damien turned around. Yugo was trying to keep up with his astounding speed. he was too late to see it. Damien however, watched in horror as a sense of dread overcame him. The man behind them was being ripped into three pieces. His blood pouring down as his head was torn by this nightmare's fangs. His right arm was pulled from his body, letting the rest fall to the ground in a lump of dead flesh. Yugo stared at the carnage after it happened. A line of blood splashing him in the chest. Ruining his fox pelt.
     Yugo protested. “You fu-”
     The black cloaked figure moved too fast for Yugo to understand. Before he was able to finish his comment, Yugo's jaw had been removed, completely, with precision. Yugo being knocked backwards, taking out the far support beam still keeping the roof from collapsing. Damien moved into position to carry the load.
     “This is to ensure you will never talk of me again. Unless you speak my name. Know me, and know Fear.” Fear held Yugo's jaw in his right hand. The blood soaking to the floor, his tongue flopping limp. 

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