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Sunday, October 31, 2010

My Perfect View. Gaze With Me As I See What Is.

     I stand, still as I choose. Stationary in my own will, I watch. I see her flowing, prancing to the subtle beat of the faint music in the distance. She is wearing all that I have ever wished her to. Her skin bare to the bright moon light casting a stage under her feet.
     My eyes are set, my vision entranced to her seductive moves. She sways, bends, tips, and slips across the wet moss. She is a beauty unmatched by my years in this world. I peer into her as she dances. My soul tears, dripping through to the empty earth beneath me. Knowing she is glass in my hand. Easy to break, fragile in my fingers. To take her is to consume her. I would snuff the very fire I beg to touch to dearly.
     For now, I wait. Patient in my solace of this one perfect moment. For now I am content in this scene, happy to anticipate the next moon.

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