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Saturday, October 30, 2010

A Song to the Unfaithful. Let Them Rot In Hell.

     Let rip the emotions that govern the sick fits of fancy that the other lovers call trysts. We all know the pleasure of wrong and the justice of right. To slip past the veil of morality on a whim and ask for the courtesy of trust. The shame that follows a half honest apology is revolting.
     So to all of the tarts, both male and female. The lingering memories of what once was that pressing into all of our minds. I say with a polite and hearty tone.
     Fuck you. I know I did. I enjoyed it. Maybe it's time you took things for what they were and not what you wanted them to be. Try it. Seriously. Sit back in your favorite spot. You know the one I mean. Curl up in that nice, warm blanket of yours that you never let me use. light a few candles or put on a movie. Enjoy what your body has to offer everyone else except me.
     Remember the good times, the bad. The harsh moments and the sensual embraces. My hand on your skin as you sighed in relief. Recall the feeling. Seek out that one hour of happiness you once had so long ago.
     And don't forget to GO FUCK YOURSELF!!!

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