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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

More Cast Suggestions For Demon Vampire As Of 3.8.2011

Christian Bale would make a wonderful Demetrius Del Marin. He is a wonderful method actor that truly assumes the past at hand. Once again, all he would have to do in these photos is shave, straighten the hair, and dye it black.

As far as the role of Kyli Waterfield, it is a toss up. Jessica Lowndes is a very good look a like, but she is far too old to play the part now. Kyli is supposed to be sixteen to seventeen years old. The young Jennfier Connelly has the look, but once again, the actual actress is too aged to play the part. Amanda Crew would have been great for Kyli two years ago. However, in that time she has filled out too much as a woman and not as a young woman.
     Regardless of who is actually chosen to play Kyli Waterfield, I hope these pictures will help to understand what the character's face is supposed to look like.

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