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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Demon Vampire Is Available For Pre-Order!!!

     Demon Vampire is available for pre-order. The Retail Price is $18.97, However, if you order early you can get it for $15.97! With your pre-order, you will receive an autographed copy of the book, a link to a free companion ebook in the series, and access to the first chapter of Demon Vampire: Redgold (Book 2 in the series) a year before the book comes out and before anyone else that will see the book. While supplies last, you will receive a special gift from the book.
     All books and added materials will ship on the release date of 10/30/2011.

The free ebook that is offered with the book is entitled Demon Vampire: Special Science Report 1192. It is a companion book that is separate from the main novel, but part of the same world. It explores the depths of Demon Vampire, it's science, the people, the details that other vampire stories leave out. It is another vampire story in the world of Demon Vampire.

Demon Vampire: Redgold will be the second book in the main novel series. It will be out sometime at the end of 2013. Everyone that pre-orders the first novel, Demon Vampire will be able to read the first chapter of this second novel before anyone else. This will be a full year before the book is released or seen by anyone else. A truly amazing benefit to ordering early.

Finally, your copy will be signed by Virgil Allen Moore. Please note if you would like your copy personalized to a specific person with a short message.

Pre-Order Demon Vampire today from the side bar on the right. It's only $15.97 + Shipping & Handling.

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