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Monday, February 27, 2012

The Winner Of The Open Artist Contest

The open artist contest began a little while ago and had a limited amount of entrants. However, one is all that I needed in the end. The winner, Heather Joy has the great raw talent I have searched for.

Heather will be crafting the three scene comic based on the book Demon Vampire. There is no current publication date except for the concept of it's delivery later this year. What is for certain is that the comic will be free to read and download. You will be able to spread it as you all wish and enjoy the visual world of Demon Vampire with your eyes instead of only my vivid use of words.

The rough sketch defined here is the winning entry that sealed the contest. From here there is a long road ahead. Line art correction, final story boarding, color approval and corrections, and finally tones and shading. Then everything gets to be done two more times to make the three total scenes. This is why the project is set for far later in the year. The time involved is vast and there are many concerns that need to be addressed. For now, the acceptance of staff artist is enough to celebrate in it's own right. It means one step closer to Demon Vampire sweeping the world.

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